15 January 2007

The premium blend

While my wife was hunting for valuable stuff for the house at a store last night, I wandered around and found a canister of Buck Urine. Who knew that they made such a thing. On closer inspection, I was amazed at bullet point #2 on the packaging: "Proven, premium, blended scent." Evidently, the art of buck urine manufacturing (or god forbid, collection and packaging) has some parallels with the Whiskey industry (Premium, blended McPee?). I just know that Foxworthy (You might be a redneck if..) will get to this soon.


  1. this goes to show you how fun shopping with your wife can really be. ...the fun things you will land upon and learn about...the ways of the wild or those that want to get closer to the wild!

  2. Blended!? Humbug.

    Only the finest single-buck urine for me.

    No rocks. Just straight.

  3. Single-Buck Urine! That made my day.