12 January 2007

cmus is the bomb

I want to play music from my machine. Simple.

I don't want a running encyclopedia (a'la Amarok) while I play my tunes. I'd like something lightweight, simple, and clean. It doesn't need to make toast, integrate with my browser, or take a shit in my panel. Just play the tunes, Holmes.

Hello cmus. An amazingly feature packed audio player. For starters, you can throw just about any codec at it, and it doesn't get phased. Better still, it's an ncurses application that can pump to just about any audio output schema. And in the cluster of my Linux sound system, it seems to be able to understand (or maybe just intelligently default to) the right thing.

Here's the most freakish part. For a text based program that executes within my shell, it seems to boast more views and a better user interface than any other audio player I've used. Now, I just need to find the rest of my collection...

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