10 August 2009

Dilbert meets Hobbes

Today (sadly), I was forced to use a laptop running Windows.

  • I connected a mouse to it (using a USB port)

  • The hardware drivers kicked in and the mouse started to work

  • I used the mouse to move, and click on a window

  • Windows informed me that a mouse had been detected and installed (after I used the aforementioned mouse to move and click on something)

  • This informative dialog stole the focus from the application I was using, after I used the mouse it so eagerly wanted to let me know it had found

  • I have dogs that are better behaved, and far, far more intelligent

Sigh. Pull my teeth out with rusted pliers and pour some salt on whatever is left. If you love eating shit, then..


  1. It is ok my friend, if you get past the registry, the bad UI, the bad decisions, the instabilities, and the surprises along the way you can get through. I have no doubt that Microsoft has some smart people working there (not jocking) but I feel sometimes they lack some vision and leadership and an ear to their costumers. I think Microsoft TV & Video team (Media center team) is showing some light as I love Windows Media center!! The real question is WHAT OR WHO made you put Windows on your machine I want to meet them!!! :)

  2. The real question is WHAT OR WHO made you put Windows on your machine I want to meet them!!! :)

    Well, unfortunately, it was me. Terrible hurry, and I forgot my normal laptop, so I had to resort to this..

  3. this sounds like my daily windows experience at work.

    for the past year year or so we have been using what is essentially a mobile work environment, in actuality it is just a painful daily experience that the company forces on you to remind you that you aren't really that important.

    anyway...daily I have to plug my company built windows laptop into a monitor, keyboard, web cam etc and get the same lovely delay of waiting for it to detect all these devices and most painful to me, having to adjust the screen resolution to the way I want it, even the same bloody hardware is at every desk