04 August 2008

Broader thinking

Steph decided to take a horizontal sequence of pictures on her camera when we were up in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The goal was to stitch the images into a panorama. The last time I did this, was back in 2001, gluing together the Manhattan skyline (World Trade Center buildings included). That was done mostly with gimp, if I recall right.

Meet Hugin- a gem of a tool that does all the hard work needed to assemble a panoramic blend of pictures. The image below, cobbled from some 7 shots took around 3 minutes. Just be sure to preserve your Exif information as you get your pictures together since Hugin can use them to drive a massive amount of automation.

Hugin is an open source application, and it leverages the libpano suite. The value it provides is really outstanding. Moreover, the community behind Hugin seems to be adding value in raw photographic know-how on their blog: panospace. Kudos to a great app, and the community that powers it.

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  1. That's pretty sweet. Now if you get a large enough print you can tape it in a loop and sit in the middle of it on a swivel chair.