01 August 2007

Halfway there

I'm halfway done and I've made two observations:

  • Blogger seems to perform IP based i18n

  • Windows CE is shit (ok fine- I didn't need to go halfway around the world to figure this one)

I'm in Frankfurt, or more specifically the Frankfurt airport. It doesn't have free wireless internet access. Neither did Chicago. But both had T-Mobile deals. But then my Chicago T-Mobile account didn't seem to take in Frankfurt. Anyway, whatever. Here's the fun part:

Our friends here (in the context of the site you are reading) seem to have a mechanism to convert my IP address into a geographical location. In turn, they've defaulted my language/locale over automatically. Nifty. But after a few minutes of thinking, perhaps a little irritating too. Really- the last time I was at the site, I did everything in English, so why the switcheroo? It wasn't like I was an anonymous user either.. Anyway, +1 on pulling the IP based i18n.

Bullet point number two (the Windows CE being given excrement status), is evidenced by this, in mid-flight (and more irritatingly, mid-movie):

Needless to say, the powers that be at MS were looking down upon me since my particular console (embedded into the back of the seat in front of me) took about a thousand times longer to start than any of the other ones of the plane.

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