19 December 2006

Combed Niblicks, Fractals, and Immigration

combed niblick

Tucked away in a hall that leads to a men's room in Von Maur, there's a nifty glass fronted mounted on the wall that contains some old golf artifacts. The club head on top caught my eye. It is aptly described as a "Combed Niblick." The golf ball right on top of it is also pretty curious- it has feathers flaring out of it.

Vishal flew into town last week, armed with a presentation on Jini and JavaSpaces. He presented to the OJUG. I think we had the largest turnout since I've started attending the sessions. Vishal's presenting style was novel- not quite presentation zen, but engaging and fun nevertheless.

A trip to Whole Foods on a Saturday night had me staring at the vegetables organized so perfectly in the refrigerated section.

Driving down Dodge St, by the Mexican Consulate, there was quite a ruckus. People were walking around with banners, yelling about immigration, wall building, and the usual rhetoric that accompanies the subject. In the midst of all of this pandemonium, isolated from everyone else, was this woman. Her sign read, "Safe, Sane, LEGAL Immigration. It's the LAW." I rolled down my window, smiled at her and took her picture as she was waving at me.

No more baby teeth for Leela.


  1. It does come out a lttle cocky , but beleive me it was a defense mechanism. Talking and walking is not my forte . I think I just cannot multiast in that aspect in front of audience.

  2. I love it:
    Talking and walking is not my forte.